Last of the orders…

Hey there!

Finally.. the Game of Thrones season has neared its end with only 1 episode to go.

And I am almost done with the shirts too. Here are 2 of the 6 that I made this week.



This time they were Bossini shirts for little chipmunks. I made 2 sets of 3 shirts …

For the boys it HAD to be the “Lord Commander” and for the little Aryas’ it HAD to “Valar Morghulis”!!

I have more GOT ideas other than the T-shirts. Hopefully I will be making them soon God willing!

Till then

Take care


Thousand apologies!

Hey there!

It’s been a while since I posted on the blog. It’s been quite busy during the Holy month of Ramazan. We still have a week to go until Eid.

All is not quiet here in the peach n lime studio! I have been working on a few projects and as the Game of Thrones season just ended, I am still not done with the GOT shirts. The orders are still flying out!

I will be introducing a few more products and hopefully the online shop will be up and running soon. God willing!

So this is all from the Peach n Lime studio. More updates will be coming your way soon!

Till then..

Take care


Warming up…


Happy Tuesday to you all!

I have been busy catching up with the housework all day but I still got time for a little warm up exercise with my watercolors.

Ready for a look?



I really enjoy working wet on wet… I love the way the colors flow and mix!



So here it is… what do you think?

Till then

Take care



Watercolor florals

Hey there!

I’m online after quite a few days. We have been off to Madina to pay our respect and visit the Prophet’s (SAW) mosque. It was so peaceful and those two days of fasting were the best days of Ramazan for me!

Came back yesterday and now after resting and cleaning up I finally found the chance to come online 🙂

So… here is what I was working on before I left for Madina. IMG_20160616_142608

And this is how the finished painting looks like 🙂



Here is another angle.



I loved the transparency of Reeves watercolors. I used them to paint this painting.

What do you think?



Oil Pastels…. Whoa!

Hey there!

I was going through the craft store searching for inspiration (who else does that? 😉 ). Some thing new to try … Some thing new to do and I found a pack of little brightly colored beauties on the shelf tempting me!

So I bought them instantly and gave them a try. I was a bit concerned about the results but then I reminded my self that we are just having fun here!

So here is how it turned out 🙂


Yes of course I started with the top flower…It shows.. doesn’t it?… hehehe

I’m hooked to say the least. I’ll be trying this medium more I enjoy how the layers build up!

Till then

Take care!


Fridge magnets

Hey there…

So I have finally managed to turn the cut-out plain wooden shapes into something that I really like… fridge magnets!

I used acrylics and clay and these beauties were created! It’s amazing what wonders basic things can do, isn’t it?


I have made two of each with a little change.



I wanted a rustic look..nothing fancy…



I love love love the doughnuts 🙂







2016-06-10 16.39.37

There are more shapes waiting on my craft table. I’ll surely be making them soon.

Till then

Take care!


Watercolor flower 2

Hey there!

It’s been very busy since the Ramzan started and it’s just the 2nd day of fasting… ! Oh what joy this month brings!

Things are no less easier in the studio as the projects are going on full speed and I have managed to finish the painting I was working on…

2016-06-07 13.40.03

Here is a close up…


2016-06-07 13.41.18

More work coming up…

Till then

Take care




Watercolor flowers

Hey there!

How’s it going?

Here is another quick post on my on going painting… I’m always in a state of excitement when painting… who knows how it will turn out and sometimes happy accidents are all you need! 🙂

Here is a sneak peek of the painting..


A lot still needs to be done. So I am off to work… Have a great Sunday!

Take care!


More crochet!

Ramadhan Mubarak!

Ramadhan is here with all it’s blessings and I am feeling blessed to have another opportunity… to have another chance… 🙂

Things do get a bit slow during this month, and I will be doing my best to juggle everything. In the mean time here is something that I just finished last night.. 🙂


crocheted coasters :)…. it was a simple design and quite fun to make. This will be added to the shop that will be open soon 🙂

Till then

Take care


Crochet love!

Hey there…

This is what I have to show you today. Crochet edging done on a dress to jazz it up. I love the softness and combination of colors.

Here.. have a look…



More crochet work coming up. As well as a lot of other things. Stay tuned…

Take care