A little birdie told me…

Hey there!

Going through the past few days was a bit tough for me. I also realized (for the umpteenth time!) that I have the most amazing life partner. All through the “Artist block” that I had for so many days, he gently guided me and here I am with another painting done. I have to say that I am pretty happy with the result.

The idea of adding a humming bird was Saqlain’s. I think it was an awesome idea. I’ll be painting more birds and insects now in different medias.

So, here is my new painting…


What do you think?

This painting has me all excited and back on track for a lot more stuff. Stay in touch for more…

Till then

Take care.


Hello again…!

Hey there!

I know it has been quite sometime since I last posted. Life has been too busy for me to call it normal. We made a short trip to Pakistan, came back and even though we made sure that our apartment was properly shut and sealed… I was horrified to find a thick layer of dust on everything!

And so the cleaning began and I had to make our home live-able again as me and hubby dearest are both allergic to dust.

So, after 3 weeks of vacations and a week of cleaning and organizing… I am back in my craft room!

As far as what’s happening in my craft room, here are two of my paintings, showing themselves off. Have a look.




And here is the second one.




Framing just elevates a painting by a thousand times! Doesn’t it?

I have more work coming up shortly… so stay in touch.

Till then,

Take care