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Handmade gift money envelopes

Hey there!

How’s it going?

Serious things have been happening in the Peach n Lime craft room. This week I am working on loads of things. One of these are gift money envelopes.

I love giving gifts and the best thing you could receive according to me is a personalized touch on the gift. It only shows how much that person means to you!

So here is my work for you…



These are paper envelopes with all embellishments made of paper… I had so much fun making these.



What do you think?

More designs coming up… so stay tuned.

Till then

Take care

paper craft

Favor Boxes…

Hey there!

A blessed Friday to you all…

So far I have had the best week… Full of creativity and fun and glitter and bright colors!

Hopefully, the next week will be awesome too… as I am brimming with loads of ideas.

So this is what I have been up to..



And they were so much fun to work on!

So many more to come… So many different styles underway… So much happiness in my craft room!

These will be a part of my online shop very soon.. God willing!

Have an awesome weekend!

Till then


Take care!

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Paper Embellishments

Hey there!

So it’s almost Friday and great things have been happening in my craft room. What about yours? What have you been up to?

I have a collection of things to show you, but first a few embellishments that I made. They can be used in a number of ways. I will be showing that very soon too.

Okay, so here are a few of the many that I have made. The rest I will be showing along with the ways they can be used.

So here goes…


So what do you think? Yes I did make that yellow splattered effect paper myself.

I had a lot of fun doing these and I hope you like them too.


Stay tuned for more goodies to come.

Till then,

Take care!

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Gift tags…3

Hey there!

Happy Tuesday to you all!…. You guys know I have been having a great time with my gift tags. I have made a few more, which I would like to share with you.

Sorry for the quick short posts.


I made the one above by giving it a splattered look and I loved the effect of fluorescence on white.

Below are the more decent ones.


I still have a few more in process, so please stay tuned for more.

I hope you liked them.

Till then

Take care!

paper craft

Gift tags…

Hey there!

Happy Monday!

I hope you all are feeling creative. My craft room is in a state of chaos and I am loving every bit of it. There is no room on my table as it is overflowing with paper and life is so colorful for me at the moment!!


Oh the colored paper?

Here it is…


And there is a lot more on the floor….! want to see what I have been up to?


Ta da!!!

Once you start creating, there is no stopping..right?

More to come … stay in touch!

Have a glittery creative day..

Till then



paper craft

Gift tags….2

Hey there!

Just a quick post to share more of the gift tags that I have been working on. My mind is bursting with more ideas and more styles, but I need to catalog these first.

Here are a couple of ideas that I worked on.


Same thing in different colors… 🙂

I hope you liked them… Still a few more to come…

Till then


A quick activity…

Hey there!

Happy Wednesday to you all…

After a very slow week with all the days staying away from the craft room, I am back in full swing. Consider this as my warm up exercise…:)


The camera is not doing justice to the painting at all….  So here is another angle…




Hope you like it…. !

Till then

Take care.

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Crochet runner…

Hey there!

Happy Tuesday to you all!

Remember my side project of crochet flowers (the one I was doing while watching TV)? Well that is finally complete and a big relief!

This means that I can start more projects…all at once…! he he he

I made more than 200 flowers and then joined them.. loads of work…I agree! I also happen to have 5 flowers left and I have an idea for them. That will be posted soon.

Here is the runner that I made. Hope you like it!



Take care and have an awesome day!


paper craft

Crepe Paper Flowers

Hey there!

Happy weekend to you all!

I finally completed my paper flowers and the vase now sits beautifully on my dining table.

I made lilies and roses for this arrangement and used my own templates for the flowers. Hopefully, I will upload the templates of these flowers on the blog in the future. What made this arrangement look good was the use of good quality crepe paper.

A few things to keep in mind when making crepe paper flowers are…

Always use good quality crepe paper. It is easier to cup and shape and won’t tear off.

Use a glue gun. It’s easier to use and is quick to dry. Liquid white glue will not stick instantly and you will end up waiting for it to dry up and that can be quite frustrating.

So, here is how it turned out…


What do you think?

Oh and here is how my table looked while I was making these beauties…. So another thing that I gather from my creative process is that…

Nothing awesome comes from tidy places! *wink* *Wink*

For me… this mess is necessary to feel ‘creative’ hehehe….



Enough of my ramblings… I hope you liked my work. Now I’m off to make more stuff..

Till then,

Take care and a have a glittery weekend!