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Crepe Paper Flowers

Hey there!

Happy weekend to you all!

I finally completed my paper flowers and the vase now sits beautifully on my dining table.

I made lilies and roses for this arrangement and used my own templates for the flowers. Hopefully, I will upload the templates of these flowers on the blog in the future. What made this arrangement look good was the use of good quality crepe paper.

A few things to keep in mind when making crepe paper flowers are…

Always use good quality crepe paper. It is easier to cup and shape and won’t tear off.

Use a glue gun. It’s easier to use and is quick to dry. Liquid white glue will not stick instantly and you will end up waiting for it to dry up and that can be quite frustrating.

So, here is how it turned out…


What do you think?

Oh and here is how my table looked while I was making these beauties…. So another thing that I gather from my creative process is that…

Nothing awesome comes from tidy places! *wink* *Wink*

For me… this mess is necessary to feel ‘creative’ hehehe….



Enough of my ramblings… I hope you liked my work. Now I’m off to make more stuff..

Till then,

Take care and a have a glittery weekend!


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