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More gift envelopes…

Hey there!

Today I have a few designs in gift envelopes to show you. They are very simple but beautiful still.

The envelope template is my own, which was customized according to the design requirement.


I made them in a variety of colors. The one above is white envelope with fluorescent flowers.



For the design above, I hand painted the speckled paper and then used peach color for the envelopes.




These are the cream colored envelopes in 9 different colors.

And now I’m off to the craft room. More ideas are calling.

Stay tuned for there is a lot more to come!


Have an awesome day!


paper craft

Bookmark fever 2…


A quick post to share another design in the bookmark series with you.


Embossed these beauties and then gave them the little touches. Added silk thread to them and ta-da!

The color I used with this chocolate brown color is peach. The camera was unable to capture the color.

There will be more designs in this series. So stay tuned.

Have an awesome chocolaty day!


paper craft

Bookmark fever!

Hey there!

Happy Monday!

I spent this weekend just hopping from one craft store to the other, buying all the beautiful paper and supplies I could get my hands on. I do admit I went wayyy over the crafting budget but that’s okay.. isn’t it?

So, spent the day playing around with different color combinations as well as designs for the bookmarks that I have to make.



I came up with 4 color combinations and then turned them around. This way I had 8 combinations! Clever eh?…



These will be stocked up on my shop… yay!!

What do you think?

More coming up.. stay tuned !

Have a fluorescent day!


paper craft

Gift tags…

Hey there…

How’s the weekend going?

I have been away from blogging for a few days. Reason?… well… I was busy crafting!

I am opening up my shop very soon God willing and so I have been busy stocking it up.

Today I have some ideas in gift tags (yep I came up with more!) so, without wasting any time here they are.

This time I made the tags in five different colors. The top left ones are the simple stenciled and glittered ones. Well, who doesn’t love simplicity?

Then I went on and became more adventurous and tried tags in a more elaborate way.

I still have a lot more ideas bubbling in my head. Will be trying them soon. 🙂


Stay tuned for a lot more things to come.

Till then


Have an awesome Sunday!


paper craft

String globe centerpieces…

Hey there!

Happy Saturday! I hope the weekend is going good for you all. I had a slow start to the weekend but I managed to finish the on going projects and that is enough to give me a sense of achievement.

I tried something totally new for me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I did have a few globes that collapsed while they were drying and that is a part of the process. I now know what doesn’t work as well what works.


The flowers are all made of paper. I tried two options. One was made with quilled flowers and the other two were paper flowers but in two color combinations.


The red flowers were made a bit differently and they turned out beautifully.

So that’s it from the PeachnLime studio for now.

Till then

Have an awesome weekend!


Take a break… Do a painting!

Hey there!

I have been crafting so hard that I almost forgot that I could paint as well.. he he he

History is one of my favorite subjects and I am always mesmerized by ruins and places going back hundreds of years. Even during my study years when I was studying art, our outdoor activities that included going to historical places and sketching the wonderful weathered structures was my absolute favorite thing to do!

I also have a profound love for flowers. If I don’t control this love I might turn into the next Georgia O’Keeffe.

So, these ruins of Pergamum in Turkey had my attention for quite sometime. I wanted to create a contrast of fresh and wild with old and measured.

Here is the effort that my brush did.


My husband thinks the painting of just the ruins was extraordinary. He wasn’t very fond of the flowers and asked me to include a cropped picture of this painting as well…

So, here it is… for my hubby!


Which one do you like better?

Have an awesome glittery day!

paper craft

Autumn is here and so is my wreath!

Hey there!

My week is on a rock and roll.

It has been quite sometime since I wanted to change the old wreath that I had on my front door.

And I am happy to say that I managed that!

And I am happy to show you my front door.


Oh yes…One thing I want to mention is that ‘Salam’ is the Arabic greeting which means ‘Peace’.

So peace on everyone who walks through that door… 🙂

One more thing… the wreath was actually made with the empty cardboard packing my new wall clock came in… he he he !

So this was a recycling craft for me as well. Feels good when you recycle… doesn’t it?

Now for the other important things. So till then..

Have a glittering day….


paper craft

handmade gift envelopes 2

Hey there!

Happy Saturday!

Two seems to be my number these days …. just like purple and flowers seem to be my thing. he he he…

So, here I am with two more designs of the handmade envelopes for gifting… 🙂

I have to say, I am really enjoying the themed thing.


polka dots and flowers…. Two of my favorite things!

These envelopes are perfect for gifting money.

So how is it?

Still more to come….

Till then

Have a polka-dotty day 🙂



paper craft

Handmade gift boxes

Hey there!

I know I haven’t been posting lately…that’s because I have been working on quite a few projects. I wanted to finish them before Wednesday as it’s going to be quite busy till Sunday for me.

So, my floral theme goes on and I made these gift boxes in continuance with the gift tags. I am thinking of a whole themed gift set.

Here are the two designs I have worked up.


Aaannnnddd here is a closer look…


I am quite happy with the way they turned out. Oh the joys of giving gifts!… 🙂

So what do you think?

Stay tuned for lots more!

Till then

Take care and have an awesomely creative day!