Take a break… Do a painting!

Hey there!

I have been crafting so hard that I almost forgot that I could paint as well.. he he he

History is one of my favorite subjects and I am always mesmerized by ruins and places going back hundreds of years. Even during my study years when I was studying art, our outdoor activities that included going to historical places and sketching the wonderful weathered structures was my absolute favorite thing to do!

I also have a profound love for flowers. If I don’t control this love I might turn into the next Georgia O’Keeffe.

So, these ruins of Pergamum in Turkey had my attention for quite sometime. I wanted to create a contrast of fresh and wild with old and measured.

Here is the effort that my brush did.


My husband thinks the painting of just the ruins was extraordinary. He wasn’t very fond of the flowers and asked me to include a cropped picture of this painting as well…

So, here it is… for my hubby!


Which one do you like better?

Have an awesome glittery day!


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