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Rainy day crafting…

Hey there!

It has been raining on and off all day and I spent a full day in the craft room enjoying the rain and crafting on. The weather is beautiful here and I am working on more gift boxes.

The boxes are in different shapes and sizes and it was fun working on them.

So what I have here for you today is a box that I made using die cut flowers and glitter.

It has to have glitter, doesn’t it?



At the end, I finished it off with a lavender ribbon and I was done.


More deisgns will be following in a bit of holiday theme. Till then


Take care and have an awesome week!



Mini Canvases..

Hey there!

Happy Friday! The weather is so so beautiful here in Riyadh, It rained all night and at the moment it is a nice kind of chilly. A perfect weather to have coffee at the terrace!

But the craft room cannot be left on its own. There is a lot to be done. So even though it’s beautiful outside, I am in my room… crafting. I love it… Coffee and tea in the evening for sure!

Worked more on the canvases… and this is what I have to show you today.



I can not tell you how much I loved making them . I used acrylic paints to paint on them and then my favorite paper flowers and of course…. GLITTER!!!!



Making more of these beauties. Will show them in a couple of days.


Till then

Have an awesome weekend.

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All things tiny!

Hey there!

Happy Hump day!

Weekend is almost here in Riyadh and a few events coming up as well. This makes things in Peach n Lime studio extra busy these days.

I have been working on mini cards… hand painted cards… etc etc but then as I was having my favorite walks down the craft store aisles, I found mini canvases waiting to be picked up by me! I admit that I bought quite a lot and I still feel bad for the ones that I left there… 😦

So, what did I do with those? I turned them into mini masterpieces!

Here, have a look…



I have a few more that I will be putting up soon. I need to finish them up first… hehehe

Stay tuned for more fun…

Till then

Have an awesome day!


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Watercolor greeting cards 2

Hey there!

Happy Monday… It’s busy again here in Peach n Lime studio as more events are coming up and there’s a lot to get done. I have been working on giving the greeting cards a Sana’s touch.

Here are more designs in the line.


This is free style painting, with no design in mind. I love how it turned out!


Then this card below was also made with no design or sketch in mind or paper. I trusted my brush and I was not disappointed.


More ideas and crafts will be coming up soon. Stay tuned.


Till then

Have an awesome sparkly day!


crafts, paper craft, Watercolors

Watercolor greeting cards..

Hey there!

I have been working a lot on greeting cards lately. One of my really good insta-friend gave an idea of trying watercolor greeting cards as according to her I was good with a brush.

So I gave it a try and I have to say that it turned out amazing! A standing ovation for Korinna!!! clap clap clap!

Simple things can turn out stunning and you can end up having a brain over flowing with ideas.


This is the first try.

Simple and fun and turned out pretty nice… What do you think?

More cards coming up.

Stay tuned…

Till then…Happy Sunday!!

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Gift tags from scraps…

Hey there !

Paper crafting can result in a lot of scraps. By “a lot of scraps” I mean L.O.T.S !!

I don’t really like throwing the scraps away and so it results in me hoarding any thing and everything I can save.

So, what do I do with these scraps?

I make little tiny things I adore!

Gift tags… little cut outs…. punches… flowers….. etc etc

This time I made little gift tags…


They are 2″ in size…

I embossed them and then embellished them with little flowers and sequins.

Super cute…. isn’t it?


They would really jazz up the presents. Don’t you think?

For more ideas and my creative endeavors… Stay tuned.


Till then…

Have a creative day!

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More greeting cards!

Hey there!

I have been working and working and working. It seems like I am having one of those Eureka moments. Hats off to hubby for bearing with me!

These cards were done in the same color scheme, but different styles.

It has a christmas-y look to it and this is one of my favorite color combos.






I made six of these in about half an hour. So, it was a happy day for me as I was feeling like little miss smarty pants! hehehe


So, what’s the verdict?


More designs still to come… Stay tuned!


Till then

Have a glittery day!



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Quick and easy greeting cards

Hey there!

I have been working on making a product line of greeting cards. I wanted to work smarter with this lot as I have another range of cards coming up.

Even though they were quick to make they turned out so beautiful that I am still amazed.

Here is a look.


I loved using washi tape on these and that added just the right kind of bling that I wanted!

What do you think?

More cards coming up, so stay tuned!

Till then

Have and awesome blingy day!

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Mini cards…

Hey there!

It is getting colder by the day now and one thing that I just cannot stand is cold feet!

Since December is getting closer and I still have a lot to do so I am not even listening to my own excuses. I still have a lot to do and a lot of things to make.

I made these mini cards and I just adore them! They were very easy and quick to make. The result was amazing too. So far I have eight designs in the mini card series. I will be sharing them all with you.


So this red one was made by embossing and die cutting and punches. I love the red color as it gives a very festive look to the card.

Then I went along and made the card shown below.


This one was pretty easy too. Once I was done with the embossing and punches all that was left was the assembling.

This sure is a fun and quick way to add a personal touch to gifts.

More cards coming up soon.

Stay tuned…

Till then

Have an awesome day!

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‘Tis the season to be crafting…

Hey there!

Just a quick post to show you more of what I have been up to lately.


So more of the bookmark designs. This time I tried fluorescent yellow and pink for the background and yellow, pink, green  and peach for the stars in the foreground.

And they turned out this way…. And I fell in love with them!


I did individually stick each star on the black card. It was time consuming but worth it!

More stuff coming up soon. Keep in touch!

Take care and have an awesome fluorescent day!