Card making kits for kids

Hey there!

Happy Tuesday!

Today I had a busy day workin on a diy kit for the kids. I love doing crafts with the little ones, which includes recycling, making things with found objects etc etc.

So this time I wanted to make a greeting card kit.

I cut out cards of two different colors. Made envelopes from A4 white paper.


Then I punched out a few shapes and added glitter glue (I find that safer and neater than regular glitter that just gets everywhere!). I started assembling the kit together by adding background paper (picture shown below), ribbons, strips of colored paper and glue.


I had some empty tissue boxes at hand so I took those…



I had to cut and adjust them to the desired size. That’s why you see those paper clips on the boxes. Aren’t they pretty on their own ?

Next I covered these boxes up with a pretty paper and then put all the goodies in it…. nicely !

I will be wrapping this up in a plastic wrap with a nice bow, but then I wouldn’t be able to show you the stuff inside. So here is the almost finished kit.


How does it look?

More projects are on their way. Please stay tuned.

Till then

Take care and have an awesome day!


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