paper craft

Making a product line!

Hey there!

It’s Sunday today and all I can think about is more ideas for crafting. Believe me I have been dreaming crafts, eating crafts breathing crafts! (It’s true… Confetti, glitter and little scraps of paper have taken control over my craft room and I keep inhaling them!! he he he)

So, hubby was home and we did a lot of crafting together. He enjoys my cuttlebug so much that I still haven’t had a good chance to work on it.

I had the most adorable pink card sheet lying around and I decided to work with it. Bookmarks were the thing, as I have to prepare a considerable amount of stationery items for the upcoming expo.

I tried matching it up with the loveliest stack of Japanese paper and voila! I managed to create beauties!!


I made them reversible. They open up like a flap and the back side of these are embossed.

This embossing gave a beautiful edge to it. I made them in five colors and I love every single one of them!


What do you think?

More designs coming up.. Stay tuned!

Till then

Have an awesome day!


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