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Wedding favor sticky notes…

Hey there!

Happy Monday!

By now it must be obvious that my brain never sleeps. This goes for my studio too.

Today was a happening day at Peach n Lime studio because it’s December and winter vacations are coming up. This means Christmas, weddings, New year are all just around the corner. I have been so busy working on orders that I am not getting a chance to take pictures of what I am working on. This picture that I am about to show you is proof!

By the time I realized that I had to take a picture, it was getting dark in the room. So please bear with it. I tried brightening up the picture, I hope it does justice.

Today I spent my day making wedding favors. I used foiled paper and embossed the hearts and used a sparkly ribbon known as ‘Gota’ in Urdu.


The colors are typical Pakistani and Indian bridal colors. The more blingy it is the merrier! hehehe

So, what do you think?

I still have a few more to make…. so please excuse me.

More crafts and ideas will be coming up…Stay tuned!


Till then

Have a bling-y day !



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