Autumn is here!

Hey there!

It’s the start of autumn everywhere, but in this beautiful part of the world… the weather is the same throughout the year. So we have rain every couple of days and me being a rain lover, enjoys it to the max!

A few days ago, it got quite hot and then all of a sudden it rained…


It rained for 6 hours straight and I was instantly inspired. I sat outside with a cup of tea and started painting… and even though I see greenery all around me, it was fun painting in the rusty hues….

And once I was done, this is how it turned out! 🙂

Quite pleased with it … what do you think?



More to come… Stay tuned…

Happy Autumn…



Some more watercolors…

Hey there!

This painting is a warm up that I did a few days ago. This was done on my rough watercolor pad, that I keep with me for quick inspirational sketches. I used Reeves watercolors for this one.

It was a wet on wet, freehand painting with no initial sketch. I love these quick free flowing drawings, as you never know how they’ll end up being.

Here is the pic of when I started painting…



See? No pencil marks to be seen. I went with the flow. It’s fun to trust your instinct and let it take you places..

Once I was done with the painting, I used yellow gouache to paint the center of the flowers. I wanted opacity for the center and gouache seemed a sane choice. 🙂

So, this picture below is how it turned out. I am quite happy with it. 🙂



What do you think ?

I have loads more to show you… .so pop by soon .. !

Till then,

Have a colorful day!



Hey there!

Sorry for the long break. We moved from one continent to the other. 🙂 And for the first few months, I had no craft supplies. The.toughest.time.ever!

So, when I went back to my home country(where i shipped all the supplies), I made sure I brought back a few things.

So! Even though I still don’t have all the supplies, I am trying my best to make the most of the time we have here. The culture, the people, the landscapes and oh! the beautiful tropical weather!

Here is what I have been busy with… 🙂


This canson that I used was bought from here in Abidjan. It is very easy to get hold of French supplies from here. The paper was 224 gms and quite sturdy. I guess I’ll be buying more of these.

And this below is the finished painting. I used poster colors as well as water colors and watercolor pencils as well. 🙂

2017-09-12_14.37.39 (1)

I have a few more things coming up. So stay tuned. 🙂


Till then,

Have an awesome day!