Watercolor technique: layering

Hey there!

The past couple of months have been quite a roller coaster ride for me and my country. Thankfully every thing is going awesome now.

I have recently started a Facebook group named, “The Watercolor Cafe Pakistan”. Do join in! Let’s have fun!

So, I recently posted a painting there, and I was asked about the process, therefore, I had to post a little tutorial about the layering process in watercolors.

Step 1

I took half a sheet of watercolor paper and taped it’s sides. I started with the lightest wash of hooker’s green. Once it was dry, I lightly drew the leaf shapes with a 2B pencil.

Then taking a slightly darker wash of the same color, I painted all of the paper, leaving out the drawn leaves.


Step 2

Keep drawing the leaves and painting the rest of the paper using darker washes every single time creating layers.


Step 3

When you are adding layers, make sure the previous layer is completely dry before you start on with the next layer.



Step 4

Once you are done with the layers, add the veins to the leaves and do all the finishing touches.

And there you have it ! Easy … isn’t it?



I tried doing one more in warm colors as well. You can do multiple paintings, testing out the color palette. Trust me.. you’ll be amazed with every single color!


Have an awesome day!