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How to make the most of your Craft Show

Okay, So you have booked your table/booth and you are busy preparing your products for the upcoming show. BUT…

Have you thought about how to go about the event with minimum hiccups? Each craft show is different and you have to prepare accordingly. I have a few tips for a stress free craft show and these are tried and tested tips and tricks that I go by myself too.


  1. SIGNING UP: Only sign up for an event when you are completely sure about taking it all the way through. Most of the craft shows do not refund the money and the table is non-transferable too. So, it is always a good idea to think it through.
  2. INVENTORY: There really is no rule for this one. You need to make enough to cover up the cost of your booth at the event, the conveyance, the raw material, your time and effort that went into making your products. Check the footfall of the previous events by the same organizers. You’ll get a rough idea. A variety of products is always appreciated, but don’t get carried away with it.
  3. STATIONERY: Have your business cards and brochures and banners ready. You would be amazed at how many people ask for your business cards!
  4. ADVERTISE: You have to make an effort and get out of your comfort zone and really post your event on all suitable places. Reach your target audience through social media, flyers, posters, word of mouth, messages and invites. Try to get to as much reach as possible.
  5. MOCK DISPLAY: The organizers give out the size of the table at the time of registering. So it is a very wise to do a mock display of that size table or booth at home. Try working around the space to make the most of it. Take pictures of the displays that you are thinking of going with, so it is easier to remember. Invest in trays and racks for the display. Go with a theme and stick to it.


  1. THINGS YOU NEED TO BRING: bring change, a table cloth, the display racks, shopping bags, mirrors if you are selling jewelry or clothes and snacks. I will be posting a complete check list soon.
  2. PUT THE PRICE ON: Put the price on everything or have the price on display, which is clearly visible to the customers.
  3. DON’T UNDERSELL: You have worked hard on your product. Endless hours of pure frustration and joy and stress got you to this point, where you are standing at an event proudly selling your brand. Respect yourself and other vendors around you. Don’t undersell! Even if the show is going slow. If you won’t value your product, don’t expect other people to do it too.
  4. DISPLAY: Your booth or table should not be too empty or too crowded that it gets difficult to have a look. Make it easy for the customers to move around. Keep the display neat at all times. Arrange and re-arrange.
  5. DO NOT USE MOBILES: You really need to be attentive towards the people coming in and going. Don’t let them find you distracted or busy somewhere else and unreachable. Greet them. Smile. Do offer help, but don’t be too clingy.
  6. KEEP THAT SMILE ON!: Your day won’t be all sunshine and rainbows when it comes to customers. You will get some really amazing comments and feedback that will make your day and some people will be rude and pass on nasty remarks. Be the bigger person here. Smile and be professional and handle the situation gracefully. Be prepared for remarks like “This is too expensive” “ABC makes this for half the price” “Oh I could make that!” and make sure you answer them tactfully.
  7. DON’T BE LATE: Arrive early and put up your table as early as you can. Help other vendors around you. Be courteous. Don’t leave early. Stay there for the time you paid for. I have had customers come at the very last minute to buy ‘that one last thing’ many times!

Here are a few photos from a recent successful event that I participated at.  I hope they give you some inspiration:)








And at the very end, Enjoy your day and be proud of yourself!

Have a successful day!