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Bookmark fever!

Hey there!

Happy Monday!

I spent this weekend just hopping from one craft store to the other, buying all the beautiful paper and supplies I could get my hands on. I do admit I went wayyy over the crafting budget but that’s okay.. isn’t it?

So, spent the day playing around with different color combinations as well as designs for the bookmarks that I have to make.



I came up with 4 color combinations and then turned them around. This way I had 8 combinations! Clever eh?…



These will be stocked up on my shop… yay!!

What do you think?

More coming up.. stay tuned !

Have a fluorescent day!


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Crochet runner…

Hey there!

Happy Tuesday to you all!

Remember my side project of crochet flowers (the one I was doing while watching TV)? Well that is finally complete and a big relief!

This means that I can start more projects…all at once…! he he he

I made more than 200 flowers and then joined them.. loads of work…I agree!Ā I also happen to have 5 flowers left and I have an idea for them. That will be posted soon.

Here is the runner that I made. Hope you like it!



Take care and have an awesome day!



Crochet time!

Hey there!

Finally after a long break I have managed to enter my craft room and start working on new projects.

I have started a new water color painting as well as crocheting a bed runner. The pattern I am using is fromĀĀ 

The blog I am referring to is an awesome blog! Do check it out! It has beautiful patterns and crocheted accessories!

And here is my attempt…


I am still in the process of making hundreds of them and then they will all be joined together to make a full bed runner!

I am so excited to do this as it is a very simple design and quick to make.


So what do you think? šŸ˜€

Don’t forget to comment !

Till then

Take care and have a glittery, sparkly and creative day!