Mother’s day canvas

Hey there!

It has been some time since I last blogged. Things have been and still are crazily crazy here. I have been having back to back events and to tell you the truth, it can result in a serious burnout!

I decided to take march off and take things a bit slow. So, no events for this month, only commission based work.

Today I have for you this canvas that I made for mother’s day. I did the background in peach and painted “Mom” in metallic. The border was stenciled and a glittery heart stuck at the side… Ta da!



There is so much more to be shared with you. So do come back soon. Posts will be up regularly… insha Allah.


Till then,

Have an awesome day!


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Going red…

Hey there!

As promised, I am back with another make that I really like and thought of sharing it with you.

Valentine’s is just around the corner and all I can see is the color red everywhere. I made quite a few lovey dovey things, and this canvas is one of them!


Done in acrylics with paper embellishments… this one is getting all the attention. πŸ™‚

Will be putting this beauty up in the next craft fair.

Loads more to come… stay tuned.


Till then


Take care and have a lovely day.



Mini Canvases..

Hey there!

Happy Friday! The weather is so so beautiful here in Riyadh, It rained all night and at the moment it is a nice kind of chilly. A perfect weather to have coffee at the terrace!

But the craft room cannot be left on its own. There is a lot to be done. So even though it’s beautiful outside, I am in my room… crafting. I love it… Coffee and tea in the evening for sure!

Worked more on the canvases… and this is what I have to show you today.



I can not tell you how much I loved making them . I used acrylic paints to paint on them and then my favorite paper flowers and of course…. GLITTER!!!!



Making more of these beauties. Will show them in a couple of days.


Till then

Have an awesome weekend.

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Watercolor greeting cards..

Hey there!

I have been working a lot on greeting cards lately.Β One of my really good insta-friend gave an idea of trying watercolor greeting cards as according to her I was good with a brush.

So I gave it a try and I have to say that it turned out amazing! A standing ovation for Korinna!!! clap clap clap!

Simple things can turn out stunning and you can end up having a brain over flowing with ideas.


This is the first try.

Simple and fun and turned out pretty nice… What do you think?

More cards coming up.

Stay tuned…

Till then…Happy Sunday!!


Take a break… Do a painting!

Hey there!

I have been crafting so hard that I almost forgot that I could paint as well.. he he he

History is one of my favorite subjects and I am always mesmerized by ruins and places going back hundreds of years. Even during my study years when I was studying art, our outdoor activities that included going to historical places and sketching the wonderful weathered structures was my absolute favorite thing to do!

I also have a profound love for flowers. If I don’t control this love I might turn into the next Georgia O’Keeffe.

So, these ruins of Pergamum in Turkey had my attention for quite sometime. I wanted to create a contrast of fresh and wild with old and measured.

Here is the effort that my brush did.


My husband thinks the painting of just the ruins was extraordinary. He wasn’t very fond of the flowers and asked me to include a cropped picture of this painting as well…

So, here it is… for my hubby!


Which one do you like better?

Have an awesome glittery day!


A quick activity…

Hey there!

Happy Wednesday to you all…

After a very slow week with all the days staying away from the craft room, I am back in full swing. Consider this as my warm up exercise…:)


The camera is not doing justice to the painting at all…. Β So here is another angle…




Hope you like it…. !

Till then

Take care.


A little birdie told me…

Hey there!

Going through the past few days was a bit tough for me. I also realized (for the umpteenth time!) that I have the most amazing life partner. All through the “Artist block” that I had for so many days, he gently guided me and here I am with another painting done. I have to say that I am pretty happy with the result.

The idea of adding a humming bird was Saqlain’s. I think it was an awesome idea. I’ll be painting more birds and insects now in different medias.

So, here is my new painting…


What do you think?

This painting has me all excited and back on track for a lot more stuff. Stay in touch for more…

Till then

Take care.


Hello again…!

Hey there!

I know it has been quite sometime since I last posted. Life has been too busy for me to call it normal. We made a short trip to Pakistan, came back and even though we made sure that our apartment was properly shut and sealed… I was horrified to find a thick layer of dust on everything!

And so the cleaning began and I had to make our home live-able again as me and hubby dearest are both allergic to dust.

So, after 3 weeks of vacations and a week of cleaning and organizing… I am back in my craft room!

As far as what’s happening in my craft room, here are two of my paintings, showing themselves off. Have a look.




And here is the second one.




Framing just elevates a painting by a thousand times! Doesn’t it?

I have more work coming up shortly… so stay in touch.

Till then,

Take care


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Watercolor Mushrooms

Hey there!

Weekend’s almost here and I am so happy that I had a super creative week. I am still overdosed with ideas that I can’t wait to start!

I wanted to paint something other than flowers, and I happen to LOVE mushrooms…. I love to eat them.. I love to see them and I think they look really magical scattered around the forest floor!

Oh! and I loved painting them! Here’s how the painting looks πŸ™‚


So? What do you think?


Don’t forget to like and share annnnd comment πŸ˜‰

Till then

Take care and have a creative Thursday!






Hey there!

Ramzan is almost over and I am still wondering where the time went??!!

It has been slow in my craft room but I still managed to produce a few artworks and here is the latest one…


I love pictures taken at an angle and I always catch my self doing exactly that. (It must be my weird graphic design germ!!)

So here is another view from an ‘angle’ … hehehe



So… What do you think?


Till then

Take care