Quilled Accents 2

Hey there!

After blogging about my quilled accent yesterday, I went on and made a few more and I loved how they came out!

So without wasting any time I’ll show these little beauties to you.



I tried making different flowers and I really enjoyed it!

In the above picture I cut the leaves out of the paper rather than quilling and I enjoyed mixing and matching.



So, what do you think?

I will be making more of these once I am done with the painting I started.

Till then

Take care and have a creative day!


Quilled Accents…

Hey there!

Happy Tuesday to you all! I hope you all are feeling as crafty as I am!

I am very fond of wreaths and I think if you come home tired after a long day at work and you are greeted with that many flowers or a nicely decorated front door… it instantly lifts up your mood…doesn’t it?

Soo… I took two things I adore. Quilling and wreaths… and tried playing around with the idea and this is what I came up with…

Mini wreaths..



So now I am thinking to use them as accents for greeting cards or little table decor or gift tags.

I am full of new ideas for these little beauties and I can’t wait to get started on more of these.

Till then

Take care and have a creative day!